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Simcoe arrives into North America!

Fourth Floor is proud to announce the launch of North America’s newest city bike, Simcoe. Built on over 20 years of city bike retail and six years of international city bike distribution, Simcoe is the first true North American city bike. Designed in the frigid and salty Northeast, a Simcoe is engineered for perpetual outdoor…
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Happy Holidays!

A close friend and film documentarian (he also runs a bike store) once told us that all human stories generally follow the template of the ‘heroic journey.’  In the heroic journey the antagonist realizes that he or she can offer an elixir that is special and different, and in the act of searching this elixir out, separates him or herself…
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Luvelo X-Crate

We once travelled Europe back-and-forth looking for great bikes and accessories, but now we prefer to rely on North American ingenuity instead. When we first saw Luvelo’s  smartly packaged bell (below) we knew Luvelo understood. But, when Amrita Takhar – owner of Luvelo – stopped by our office with her prototype X-Crate, we knew we were…
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Fourth Floor + Simcoe. A Lesson in Cycling Demographics.

The city bike market in North America isn’t just an exciting new market, it’s a fascinating reality that represents a massive normative shift in North American demographics. Every shift requires its symbols, and the bicycle – especially the city bicycle – has become a powerful new symbol of a new and different value system. But,…
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Beater Bikes back in Canada!

We are pleased to announce that Beater bikes are back in Canada after the Federal Government renounced the silly anti-dumping duty that has plagued independent bicycle stores for so long. If you ever wondered why you couldn’t buy a $350 bike in a bike store but could at a big-box store the answer lay in…
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Simcoe and the Reinvention of a City Bike Geometry

We’ve mentioned before that city bikes tend to be regional objects. This isn’t a criticism, it just makes sense. Racing bikes meet at international races and events. It is here that ideas are compared and adapted and the racing bike reaches relative uniformity. From our experience importing bikes from all corners of Europe we found…
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Simcoe in Production!

It’s official. We’re ecstatic to announce that Simcoe began its 2014 production on September 3rd, 2013. Below are some of the top-secret snapshots taken from our agent in Taiwan. Note the new colours on the new Basic 3sp and 7sp speed model, the new Simcoe rack design (perfect for doubling your sweetheart), the classy stamped…
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